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“A Website That Can Grow With Me”

By March 7, 2018April 23rd, 2019Uncategorized
Arvig Media created FM Accountability Website

Arvig Media’s website design is the right fit for Accountability LLC

Sara Score is the owner of Accountability LLC, a Fargo, North Dakota-based general accounting firm. Accountability LLC performs a broad range of accounting services for small and medium-sized businesses, including payroll, bookkeeping, business consultation and legal auditing.

Arvig Media worked with Sara to design the custom website for Accountability. We asked Sara to share her experience getting a new site developed and her thoughts on working with the Arvig Media team. Here’s what she said:

How does your new website fit your business strategy and budget?

“This is a perfect website for a new business because it is very professional and easy to budget in monthly cashflow, as opposed to paying [money] down and monthly maintenance fees after that. This is a website that can grow with me.”

What was the main challenge in having a new website developed?

“Time was the major obstacle. I am so busy. I thought, ‘it will take me 10 hours to think this through.’ [Arvig Media] sat down with me for an hour to take my information and were very organized.”

Were your expectations met in working with the Arvig Media team?

“[Arvig Media] made it so easy. I couldn’t believe what little time and effort it took on my part to do this. They took it out of my hands and created it! Changes were minimal and completed so quickly. I loved the people I worked with.”

Would you recommend Arvig Media’s website design services to another business?

“I would not hesitate to recommend [Arvig Media] because of the quality, and how easy it was on my part to create. I am so impressed because it is exactly what I wanted.”

What are some of your favorite features on your new website?

“The items on the website stand out so well and they pop. The pictures were chosen well. The map on the Contact Us page was a good idea. This is exactly what I wanted in a website, from the colors to the font. It is so pretty.”

    Accountability new website by Arvig Media