SEO = Visibility

93% of your customers won't go further than the first page of Google.

Search Engine Optimization – SEO


If you’re looking for a well-built website, but don’t feel the need for much more, this is the package for your business. If extra expense for digital marketing is not in your current budget, this package will help ensure that when they are ready to start focusing more on search traffic, they have all of the necessary basic SEO building blocks in place and can hit the ground running.


This package is perfect for small businesses located in a small market, especially those who are unfamiliar to the world of digital marketing. This will help you market online more effectively at an affordable rate. Greater focus will be placed on the top 10 keywords that people are using to find your site. We will make sure that your site is optimized for your target area and that it is search engine friendly using all of the basic SEO building blocks.

03. PLUS

The Plus package is great for a small to medium sized business located in a larger town with medium competition. This package helps businesses to strengthen an already existing online presence and helps you enter the online marketing world with a bit more energy than the Basic package allows for. The site will be optimized for the top 15 keywords and more high quality links will be built. We will re-optimize and tweak the site as needed to make sure that we are effectively working to enhance their online presence and search position.


This package is for medium to large businesses in a large market with a lot of competition. It is a full-blown, but well strategized, attack on the online marketing world to make sure that their business is front and center. Sites will be optimized for the top 25 keywords in the field, blog posts will be written, schema will be used, plus so much more. We make sure that searchers know who your business is and that you are easily found in the vast online world.