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Underrated Digital Marketing Techniques You Should Try

By July 12, 2017February 22nd, 2024Other

Nowadays, webmasters and business owners are constantly looking for new ways to market their website and its products or services. It seems, though, that almost everyone is trying too hard to become content experts. While it is imperative to generate unique and relevant content, you can’t stop focusing on other digital marketing techniques. And no, we’re not talking about SEO, SEM, Video Marketing, PPC or SMM, as these are rather redundant practices used by all websites around the world. It’s time for you to think beyond the norm. Consider these underrated digital marketing techniques:

Podcasting as a Marketing Tool

Not many people consider podcasting as a valuable digital marketing tool, but plenty of viewers and prospects are interested in hearing about what you have to say. This method of marketing is only gaining momentum, but could turn potential customers into active listeners and then a medium for referrals. Recent findings show that between 2015 and 2016, the number of people listening to podcasts grew by 23 percent.

In fact, more than 20 percent of Americans 12 and older listen to podcasts daily. If this isn’t good enough reason to make you take podcasting seriously, then you might be interested in learning that there are almost 57 million listeners of podcasts in the U.S. alone. Leverage this opportunity to connect to your customers and reach a new guest audience for marketing your products and services.

Leveraging Big Data

Big data is probably one of the most underrated digital marketing strategies today. It involves analyzing and monitoring information relating to marketing actions, results and feedbacks. Therefore, it can play a vital role in helping organizations determine what strategies might be working and what is not. According to research from Rex Brigg, it was revealed that thousands of companies around the world have wasted 40 percent of their marketing budgets.

The reason for this is lack of insight into the consumer mind and market, which leads to uninformed decision making. If you don’t want your business to end up the same way, perhaps it’s time you considered investing in Big Data and analyze the computations revealing associations, patterns and trends, especially relating to human interactions and behavior.

A/B Testing

This digital marketing method is more focused on testing your strategy with two different versions of the same page. By testing two comparable versions, webmasters can figure out what performs better and works with the audience. If you are trying to maximize conversions and boost web traffic to your site, A/B testing is a tried and tested method for improving web presence. Going from a 1 percent to 2 percent increase in conversions can effectively double your sales or leads.

You have plenty of tools, including Google Analytics and CrazyEgg, to help you figure out where your visitors are hung up and what’s causing the increased rate of click-back rates. You can even use A/B testing on landing pages to maximize your conversions.

So, if you want to take your business to the next level, focus on these underrated digital marketing practices.