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Small Business SEO: 5 Things You Can Do to Get More Web Traffic

small business seo

With over 1.9 billion websites out there, it’s safe to assume you’re not the only business out there. And even if you do have something new and original, if no one visits your website, it doesn’t matter. It’s not enough to have a great looking website. Both the internet and potential customers need to be able to find you without looking for a needle in a haystack. And when the odds are stacked against a small business owner to succeed, not knowing how to incorporate small business SEO into your marketing plan could lead to failure. Which is why you can’t afford to not pay attention to the latest small business SEO tips we’re sharing. Keep reading to learn the top five SEO tips you need to succeed.

1. Small Business SEO Increases When You Write Blog Articles

One of the best SEO for small businesses strategies is to write blogs. But there is a method to doing it so that you drive more traffic to your business. Find keywords that your customers are using to find your business. Then use them a few times within the body (and at least once in the header) of your content. Write articles on topics that your customers are interested in learning about. If you own a restaurant, share recipes. If you own a laundromat, write articles about getting tough stains out.

How to Grab Their Attention

Create titles and headers that catch people’s attention. No one wants to read boring articles. Use photography and optimize its meta tag for SEO as well. Text without images is boring. And don’t forget to use a CTA (call to action) at the end of each article. You want to let your reader’s know where they should head to next. Search engines love new content and your customers will find you more easily when they type in those keywords you’re using.

2. Perform an SEO Audit

The best SEO help for small business is to perform an SEO audit at least once per year. An audit will show you exactly what’s not working correctly on your website. And what isn’t working can hurt you. Google penalizes sites for mistakes. And those mistakes are often hard to spot without an audit. Broken links, duplicate content, missing data, and overusing keywords can all make you rank lower on search engines.

Customers Don’t Like Seeing Errors Either

Plus, some issues will also turn away customers. One easy way to lose customers is to have your web loading time be slower than 2.7 seconds. The longer they wait, the quicker they lose interest and your trust. Customers also don’t like seeing mistakes on websites like spelling and grammar errors. Once you find out what’s wrong, hire someone to fix them for you. Some of them are complicated and/or time-consuming to fix.

3. Claim Your Google Business Listing

This is one of the easiest ways to increase SEO for small businesses. It’s also 100% free. And yet, so many businesses have not claimed their Google Business Listing. All you really need to claim your listing is to add your business name and contact information. Then you wait for a postcard in the mail and follow the directions. But you can do more once it’s claimed.

Share More Information on Your Google Listing

Add photos to increase the likelihood of people checking out your business. If you have a blog, you can share your latest articles on your listing. You can even share information about events you’re holding. And don’t forget that you can begin collecting reviews on your Google Listing. This is a huge plus to increase SEO for your website. Don’t forget that 82% of consumers perform an online search before they make a purchase. Make sure they can find you easily on Google.

4. Get Reviews

Google isn’t the only place for your customers to leave you reviews. Social media sites, other search engines, review sites, and even your own website are all great places for people to find out more about your products and/or services. Reviews often help other customers understand how to use your product or services better and may help you improve your business. And it’s easy to set up a profile and then ask for reviews. You can e-mail customers to ask them to leave reviews, ask them in person, and even offer an incentive to those who do leave a review.

Bad Reviews Aren’t Always a Bad Thing

Don’t get upset if someone leaves you a bad review. Instead, read it and use it to improve your business. And when you’re calm, respond to the negative review. Your customers are looking to see how you respond to both positive and negative reviews. No response makes people think you don’t care. Inappropriately angry responses make you look bad as well. Negative reviews aren’t always a sign of doom and can sometimes be just as good as a positive review, so don’t sweat it. But either way, the more people talk about your company online, the easier it is for other customers and search engines to pick up on you as well.

5. Start Posting on Social Media

You don’t have to love social media, but if you’re looking for SEO help for small business, then you need to have at least a few profiles set up. You don’t have to be on all of them. In fact, just choose a few where your target market is most likely to spend a fair amount of their time. Set up a profile and then start posting. Share tips, videos, photos, and your blog articles.

Get Involved With Online Communities

Join groups on social media where your customers are likely to be found and start contributing. Don’t sell, just contribute. Your goal here is to begin forming relationships. Follow influencers who are well known in your niche market. Develop relationships with them. You don’t have to spend a ton of time on social media. But you do need to post on a regular basis. The great part is that many sites allow you to set up a campaign in advance.

We Can Help

Small business SEO isn’t a one-time thing. It’s an ongoing strategy that needs to be constantly monitored. And that’s not always easy for small business owners. But that’s why we’re here to help. We know the latest tips and strategies to share with you to ensure your website beats out your competition and gets you ranked higher on search engines. Click here to contact us to get started.