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8 Ways To Help Your Business Generate Web Leads

By April 11, 2018February 22nd, 2024Websites

In digital marketing and sales, your website is among your most powerful tools. This infographic highlights eight ways to help your business generate web leads. Take a look.

8 ways to generate web leads for your business


These methods will provide you with the opportunity to demonstrate your expertise in your niche and help you generate web leads.

  1. Refocus Your Marketing. Take a moment to re-examine the various marketing objectives you implemented earlier in the year to help generate leads that may have been missed.
  2. Use Infographics. Infographics are a great way to share knowledge about your product in order to generate leads. Plus, it is a good way to demonstrate your expertise in your field.
  3. Use Live Events. Platforms such as Periscope, Google+ Hangouts, Skype and Facebook Live are great ways to provide a face to your name and prove to those who follow you that you know what you’re talking about.
  4. Host A Podcast. Hosting a podcast will show your listeners who you are and what you know about your topic. Be sure to share your podcasts on all of your social media platforms.
  5. Guest Blogging. If you are just starting out with your online presence and do not have a strong following, propose a guest blog to some of the larger bloggers that you follow.
  6. Include a Call To Action ON All Your Marketing and Follow-Up On Your Emails. Every email message you send should have a clear call to action. You want to direct the reader back to your website, where they can find out more about you, or contact you directly for more information.
  7. Use LinkedIn. With LinkedIn, you can publish content and expand your reach. This will help qualify you as an expert, especially if you can network with leaders in your niche through publishing.
  8. Increase Social Proof. Provide links to any case studies, reviews and awards you have received on your social media channels to provide proof you are an expert and back up the claims that you make about your product or service.