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Four Types of Content You Should Have On Your Website

By September 28, 2016February 22nd, 2024Websites
different types of content for websites

When you want to engage users on your website, consider adding different types of content. Yes, long-form blog posts and articles are great, but it helps to have different forms of content to not only break up your other content, but also add some usefulness to the site that may not be as easily conveyed through articles. Consider the following for your site:

1. How-To Content

One of the most common things Internet users search for is how to solve a problem. How-to articles can add a significant amount of value to your website by answering questions the user may have about a certain topic.

To write more useful how-to content, there are a few guidelines that can help yours stand out against your competition. First use some visual aids to explain your key concepts. This can be pictures, diagrams or infographics.

You may also want to use screenshots if you are explaining how to do something on a computer. Use the screenshot to show users where to click or which buttons to use. Also make sure to boldly label the steps within the screenshots so users can see them easily.

Finally, you may also want to use a short video demonstrating how to accomplish the task. This works best for steps, within a step, if it is something that may seem complicated, like tying knots or knitting.

2. Lists

Lists can be both helpful and entertaining. Content in list form is faster to locate, easy to remember and more actionable. Readers are often drawn to lists rather than long-form content. They also help increase the impact of your content efforts and build credibility for your website.

You should develop a strategy for creating lists to ensure they increase your visibility, further your credibility and enhance your current content. Also, be sure to integrate list writing into your editorial calendar. Aim to include a list at least once a week. Lists have become a very important component of helping to achieve significant reach and impact.

3. Pictures

Let’s face it, it’s difficult to get readers attracted to your content if they only have blocks of text to look at. Adding pictures can help break up the monotony of a lot of text and increase the interest value of your site.

Pictures can include infographics if you want to relay additional information about your content without adding to your word count. You can also add personal photographs to add a personalized touch to your site. If you have photos of yourself with a leader in your industry, it can be a source of information for your next post. It will also create some buzz among your followers.

4. Statistical Information

Another thing that readers love is statistical information. This type of content provides fact-based information your readers can use. People love to know about the facts and figures of just about any topic, no matter how minimal it may seem. However, you must be fully accurate when writing this type of content. Either use you own non-biased research or other reliable sources that are curated and fact-checked.

Writing different types of content for your website can add a wealth of usefulness to the reader. It can also help your website rise higher in the search engine results pages because it contains engaging content that is beneficial to the users.