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Display Advertising: Why Your Business Needs This Strategy

By December 7, 2016February 22nd, 2024Digital Ads
display advertising on computer

If you are working toward building your brand online, one thing you need to consider is investing in Internet display advertising. Display advertising can be text, images or video and has the goal of delivering general advertising and brand messages to Internet users.

The point of display advertising is just like any other form of advertising—to drive visibility for your brand. However, digital ads also have additional purposes, including improving web traffic to your website and reminding your recent customers to come back to your business in the future. This is done through banner ads, on different websites, that are designed to lead to long-term customer retention.

How Can Display Advertising Benefit A Business?

There are four main ways display advertising can help your business.

  1. Create buzz. Online display ads can help create awareness of your business. This is different from search marketing in that you do not need any prior information or research as to what you are offering. Your target audience will simply recognize your brand through your name and logo.
  2. Build brand awareness. This helps ensure that consumers are familiar with your brand, what it is about, what you offer, and the availability of your product or service. It sets the tone for your business so that you become easily recognizable.
  3. Provide purchase consideration. Your display ads are targeted to customers when they are deciding which company they want to purchase from. You can have access to customers at just the right time so they may be persuaded to buy from you over your competition.
  4. Perfect for direct response offers. Direct response offers are very specific ads with a specific and a very straightforward call-to-action. This can help you gain high conversions (turn a click into a sale) in a short amount of time.

Key Points To Keep In Mind When Developing Display Ads

First, you must identify the type of customer you want to attract. A Demand-Side Platform (DSP) allows brands to manage multiple ads and target audiences through one interface instead of random placement through real-time bidding. Real-time bidding buys information about users of the Internet. This information is used to profile demographic groups and separates them into groups based on what they may be interested in. Choosing the right type of audience is key. You are deciding who is going to see your ad and targeting those most likely to want your product or service.

When developing your ad, choose a design that is both compelling and appealing to your target market. Use text and images that relate to your business, ideally your logo. And finally, make sure you have a great call to action. This is one of the most important parts of your advertisement. It tells your customers what to do next. You can inspire customers to take action with special offers or coupons. This will yield additional sales for your business. You should also urge them to take the next step using urgency so they don’t just book mark the page to come back to later. A couple examples include, such as “act now!” or “call today for a free offer!”

Direct ads can help your consumers become familiar with your business. They are a key aspect of your entire web presence, so it is very important to select the right target audience. Get creative, build your brand and get consumers to want to work with your business with a great direct advertising strategy.