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How to Conduct Giveaways and Promotions via Social Media

By November 29, 2017April 25th, 2019Uncategorized
Social Media Giveaway Scrabble Pieces

Today, social media promotions are hugely popular despite the change in the online landscape. The basic game-changer, in particular, is the growth of mobile internet traffic, which makes mobile responsive giveaways a must. It is common knowledge that everyone loves getting things for free. The fact is, a majority of people will join your Facebook page so they can successfully avail any discounts and giveaways you have to offer on your products or services.

If you look at this from a business perspective, the rise of social media makes organizations create their own giveaways and contests. Advantages include creating social engagement, building links to your website and increasing traffic. This will help boost your brand awareness and a lot of your target audience will begin spread the word. You can think of offering giveaways as a form of free marketing.

In light of this, here are some powerful tips you can implement to promote giveaways and enhance your social engagement.

Primary Goal

First, determine the primary purpose of the giveaway. Are you planning to focus on increasing social media engagement on your Facebook and Twitter pages? Or are you integrating giveaways as a link to building strategy? The goal you choose will decide the type of contest you are going to run. But to do all this, there is nothing more important than to realize the right budget.

What will you give away?

Keeping your objectives and target audience in mind, offer giveaways on products that are popular. But if your customers aren’t aware your products or services, it isn’t much use if you offer a good giveaway deal. Furthermore, the duration of the giveaway competition should be short-term. You don’t want to bore people. Most of them will forget about it if the competition stretches too long. So keep it short, and offer as much products as you can on a giveaway discount.

Create your giveaway on Raffle-copter

Check out and consider it as a tool to create your giveaway. Why Rafflecopter? It’s easy, and it’s awesome. It takes seconds to create a giveaway. You can create multiple entries so you can fulfill various objectives through one giveaway, including social engagement and link building. It can be integrated to your Facebook page and other blogs. Make sure some of the recommended include tweeting about the giveaway or leaving a blog post comment.

Add Widgets to your site and Facebook

After you create the giveaway, Rafflecopter will give you a code to copy and paste to your site. Upload the widget to all permanent pages on your website. Remove the widget when the contest is over, but the link will not disappear, and will be visible to the target audience.  You can select a Share to Facebook button within Rafflecopter and it will create a Facebook app with the widget. Make sure you create a banner on your homepage so everybody who lands on your website has an instant opportunity to participate in the giveaway.

Bottom Line

Conducting giveaways is one of the best ways to increase your overall revenue, your market share and your brand’s awareness. You can use these tips to effectively market your product.