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9 Web Design Trends Your Website Needs

By February 18, 2020February 22nd, 2024Websites
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In business, there’s nothing more important than having a website. That’s standard. You can’t pat yourself on the back for simply registering a URL. Your website has to keep up with the times! If your website looks old-fashioned and boring, so will your company. Certain web design aspects can make or break your website. If your website fails, so does your business.

You know the web changes at rapid speeds. What’s in today is out tomorrow. It can be tough to keep evolving in the ever-changing digital landscape. That’s why you have to focus on hip design aspects that won’t be a passing fad. Want to keep up with the times without having to constantly revamp your website? Read on to learn about some 2020 web design trends that have staying power. 

1. Color, Color, and MORE Color

Most consumers now have state of the art monitors on all their devices. That means the days of being blocked by “color safe” restrictions are over. Dynamic colors are ideal for new brands trying to get the most attention possible. However, they can also be great for old companies trying to re-brand themselves. A bright, color clashing site tells consumers they are here for the modern age.

2. Great Gradients

Gradients were very popular years ago when 3-D looking graphics were first introduced. Remember the subtle shading on Apple’s old iOS icons? That was the extent of gradient use. Today, color and shaping gradients can be seen everywhere. The popularity of Instagram and other photo filters have put gradients into the lexicon. The common consumer uses gradients on their own. They expect to see them everywhere else. Gradients are an easy overlay to give depth to photographs and backgrounds. It’s also a more soothing way to blend the bright colors discussed in the first trend. Great gradients can easily give your website a totally fresh look.

3. Don’t Be Shallow

The online world is no longer 2-D. Your website shouldn’t be either. With the advancements in AR technologies, consumers are expecting things to be immersive. Consumers shouldn’t need VR goggles to engage with your site. You can get the heightened, immersive feel simply by adding depth to your graphics. Diffused shadows and complex layers can make things really pop. They learned a long time ago that the world wasn’t flat. Now, you know the web isn’t either.

4. Integrate Movies Into Backgrounds

Maybe it’s not a healthy trend, but most people are used to a two screen experience. They watch TV while browsing the web on their phone. They text while they use Google on their laptop. You want your site to get peoples’ full attention. Take advantage of this trend! Add videos and animation to the background of your site. This delivers a two screen experience all in one screen. Customers won’t have another place to look but your attention-grabbing website.

5. Mobile is Paramount

More and more people are doing most of their web browsing on their phones. That means your computer formatted website won’t cut it anymore. The small vertical screen makes your vertical lay-out website obsolete. The large pictures and graphics won’t look right on a small screen. Your website should be designed with mobile use as the first thought. Not that computers are all going to be trashed. You need to make sure your website works for both formats. That means you need two separate layouts.

6. It’s All About the Font

The general public has never been more font savvy. They know which fonts are in and which ones are out. Just try setting your typography to Comic Sans and see the hate mail pour in. Nothing establishes your brand more than your font. You can go with sleek and modern or fun and folksy. The use of mixed sans and serif fonts can showcase your aesthetic tastes. What’s important is that you stay on trend. Take care to appreciate how your font represents your company.

7. That Homemade Feel

As graphics become more state of the art, people are thirsty for throwback looks. There’s no better way to get that unique, homemade feeling than using illustrations. Hire an artist to create illustrations that reflect the personality of your business. Are you a proud Minnesotan landscaping company? A one-of-a-kind graphic depicting a red pine, the state’s official tree, would be a great addition to your site. You will set yourself apart from competitors by having your own unique branding. Plus, you can use those illustrations on merch for other advertising purposes. It’s totally worth the investment. Creative illustrations will really give you a website you’re proud to show off.

8. Askew is a New

This trend is not for everyone. But, if you are a hip, button-pushing business this is totally up your alley. The old rules of web design preached symmetrical, easy to navigate layouts. Today, you can find many unconventional, asymmetrical looks. They are known as “broken” layouts. These sites are challenging for your consumers to navigate. But, that’s the point. If you want to attract a clever clientele, they’ll appreciate this experimental experience.

9. Minimalism Stays Strong

Like in all creative trends, as people go in one direction, others go in the complete opposite. Those looking to stand out from the new, bold sites should go totally minimalistic. This trend is based on the super popular mid-century architectural movement. Excessive white or negative space fills each page. There’s very few, if any, grid layouts. The almost unfinished quality of these sites emphasizes their message. If you’re someone who likes to buck a trend, minimalism is for you. 

These 2020 Web Design Trends Will Get Eyes on Your Website

Brightening up your color palette is a great first step. Adding some motion graphics and depth to your pages will help too. Using these 2020 web design trends will ensure your website’s success.

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