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8 Ways to Generate Web Leads For Your Business

By January 18, 2017February 22nd, 2024Other
how to generate leads online

When it comes to your website, you need to have web visitors that you can then turn into a lead. Email marketing is a tried and true method of driving traffic to your website but there are a variety of other methods you can use. These methods will provide you with the opportunity to demonstrate your expertise in your niche and will help you generate leads online.

1. Refocus Your Marketing

Refocusing the marketing of your product or service is a great way to generate leads that you have previously missed. Take a moment to reexamine the various marketing objectives you implemented earlier in the year. Have sales been growing steadily or have they plateaued? Did you change your focus from acquiring new customers to increasing the amount current customers spend with you? Perhaps a product isn’t moving as fast as it should, can you repackage it and provide it to another part of your customer base?

2. Use Infographics

Infographics are a great way to share knowledge about your product in order to generate leads. They look professional and provide information in a fun and interesting way. Plus, it is a great way to demonstrate your expertise in your field.

3. Use Live Events

Have you ever considered hosting a live event in order to share information and gain leads? If not, you should. Platforms such as Periscope, Google+ Hangouts, Skype and Facebook Live are great ways to provide a face to your name and prove to those who follow you that you know what you are talking about. By putting yourself out there, you will build a following that has trust in what you have to say.

4. Host A Podcast

Podcasting is another way to share with followers and generate leads. Hosting a podcast will show your listeners who you are and what you know about your topic. Be sure to share your podcasts on all of your social media platforms.

If you don’t want to host your own podcast, you can be a guest on other popular podcasts. You can share information about your website while exposing yourself to an entirely new group of listeners. Be sure to back link to your podcast appearance on social media as well.

5. Guest Blogging

If you are just starting out with your online presence and do not have a strong following, propose a guest blog to some of the larger bloggers that you follow. You will receive a byline and a link back to your website. You should notice a sharp increase in your readership that you can then work to maintain with your own unique and engaging content.

6. Include a Call To Action On All Your Marketing and Follow-up On Your Emails

Every email message you send should have a clear call to action that either directs the reader back to your site to learn more about you or to contact you directly for more information. Even if the call to action is to simply subscribe to your Blog, if the reader clicks, you’ll have captured information on another potential customer.

7. Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn provides a fantastic way to reach out to your following though the publishing section of their platform. You can publish content and expand your reach. Furthermore, this will also help qualify you as an expert, especially if you can network with leaders in your niche through publishing.

8. Increase Social Proof

Sharing social proof is one of the best ways to demonstrate that you are an expert in a topic. Provide links to any case studies, reviews and awards you have received on your social media channels. This will provide proof that you are an expert and can back up the claims that you make about your product or service.

Sharing is the name of the game when it comes to generating leads online. The more you can share and reach your target, the more people will flock to you when they are searching for information in your niche. Be sure to keep your content current and your platforms updated and you will have a strong following in no time at all.