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Yellow Page Advertising

Why Advertise with Traditional Media?

Geographical Coverage

Yellow pages cover entire local regions geographically, by being delivered to every home and business to get complete coverage. Often, the books are hyper localized to just your community, putting local businesses first.

Long Use

Not everyone uses the phone book anymore, but the customers who do, tend to keep them all year. So for one price you are able to keep your ads in front of potential customers all year long.

Ready to Purchase

People don’t pick up the phone book for light reading, and they don’t have ads thrown in front of customers when they aren’t even looking for that product. When customers pick up the phone book they are ready to buy and are looking for a phone number to call to purchase services.

Even older, traditional advertising has a place in the marketing world today!

Even in today’s day-and-age, yellow pages are still a valuable medium. At Arvig Media we believe in a cross platform strategy where you put your products or services in front of potential customers in many different mediums. We will discuss some of the benefits that often get overlooked in a digital world.

The Bottom Line

Traditional advertising is often less expensive than other forms of advertising. Often, there is less competition in the directory, so the return on investment is high for the expenditure. And remember that the customers using the yellow pages are at the bottom of the sales funnel, meaning they are ready to purchase. We still recommend a mixed marketing approach, but don’t forget about traditional advertising.

Thank you for printing the names and phone numbers large enough in the white pages of the Walla Walla Valley Local Book so they can be read. I do use the Local Book. It's so much easier than trying to Google a phone number or business.

Jodi E., Walla Walla, WA

I was in the Yellow Book for a couple of years, and then I put the same ad in the Arvig book and I got 22 calls compared to 2 for the same year. Because I got a good response I started also advertising in their Alexandria/Parkers Prairie book as well.

ML Tree Service Inc., Deer Creek, MN

We want to advertise in your Owatonna book - we LOVE it and so do our neighbors. We threw all of the other directories out and only use yours!

Rolsch Law, Rochester, MN

We received the Arvig Media phone book in our mailboxes recently. I just had a chance to look through it this morning and I wanted to say thank you first. It is a fabulous phone book. It is arranged so nicely that nobody can be confused where anything is. The font is large enough that I can read it without my glasses. I love the maps in the front, that is a wonderful addition. Everything about it is so well done.

Joyce N., St. Cloud, MN

We have received approximately 300 coupons back from our ads in your directory. Is it worth the investment? Most definitely.

Fred's Heating & Air, St. Cloud, MN

This is the BEST directory I have ever seen! It is awesome, fantastic, the right size, complete easy-to-use sections, spiral - it’s GREAT!

LeRoy & Jackie A., Winona, MN

We use the telephone for our main communications - I like to speak to a friend or any business contact. We use the telephone and look up who we need in the yellow pages.

D. Thorstenson, Bismarck, ND