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Why It’s Still Important to List in Directories and Yellow Pages

By September 6, 2017February 22nd, 2024Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If we go back to the early days of the web—before the arrival of Google—you might remember how online directories and traditional yellow pages were used for finding useful information online about businesses. The size of the Yellow Pages varies depending on the number of businesses in a particular city. And, back in the ’90s, Yahoo was popular as a business directory. There was a time these two methods of marketing played an important role in helping users find stuff on the web and locate a business.

Nevertheless, a lot has changed since then, and while many yellow pages and directories still remain, the way we use them has been upgraded. For instance, Google has allowed businesses dealing with customers and working in varied industries to rank better in the local search results by displaying their business name, contact information and address on Google Maps. But that doesn’t mean you forget about the basics of listing your business to online directories and yellow pages.

A pertinent fact you should keep in mind: As many as 80 million people across the U.S. were using the Yellow Pages as recently as 2015. People who mostly commonly use the Yellow Pages (or its official website) are older than 25, and they are the ones with the most money to spend.

Below are a few reasons why it’s still important to list in directories and yellow pages:

Advertising Your Business

By listing your business in local directories and yellow pages, you create the opportunity of brand building and enhancing your business’ advertising to the next level. While it is a traditional approach, it proves to be cost effective. Many people still use yellow pages and directories for receiving different services. By listing on these two tactics, you can feel assured that customers from all age groups and occupations will be attracted to your business.

Highly Targeted

Another advantage of listing your business on yellow pages is that each ad is highly targeted. This traditional marketing method targets people who are ready to buy. Yellow Pages contain specific headings or categories under which the ads are placed. If you are looking for a catering service, there will be a separate category for caterers with a list of all relevant businesses in your area. A company can attract more customers by placing ads under multiple categories.

Develop Brand Image

Your local business needs to build its image and manage its brand. What better way to market your services than by starting with traditional methods? Business listings and yellow pages can help you build your company image. You can list your business in top directories to build your brand. It is imperative, though, that you add accurate information for your company name, contact info and address. Also, don’t forget to add a brief but favorable review about what you do and aim to achieve.

24-Hour Coverage

Yellow pages and online directories are available for shoppers to use any time of the day. This provides them all the information they need for contacting you and learning more about your business. And it doesn’t matter if you’re going old school, some might appreciate that you aren’t afraid to go to the roots of marketing.

Traditional marketing methods still play an important role in recent times. If you want to achieve success, don’t hesitate to use local business directories and yellow pages.