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Four Ways Email Marketing Can Grow Your Business In 2017

By January 4, 2017February 22nd, 2024Other
email marketing to grow your business

Email marketing has been in play for some time now, a newer, fresher approach is needed to increase your open rates and grow your business. The following are some options you should consider:

Personalized Email Marketing Lists

Email marketing lists need to go beyond “Dear Valued Customer”. Your customers will all have different experiences with your brand while cycling through different points of your sales funnel. Businesses need to work to develop a personal touch with each customer through email marketing by identifying what their sales cycle may look like, and collect personal information regarding their media preference.

Thankfully, you will not be tasked with looking through thousands of data sheets on your customer base to achieve this marketing strategy. There are plenty of data technology tools available to help collate this data and provide a personalized message to each of your customers based on their own preferences. Aside from collecting their basic information, such as names and email addresses, you can also gather information about their shopping habits, lifestyles, how they prefer to receive information about your business, or any other bit of data you will need to provide a more personalized message.

Mobile Centric Marketing

Mobile devices have become a staple in the daily life of just about everyone. In 2016, it was estimated that over 50 percent of customers read emails on a mobile phone. That percentage is expected to increase even more in 2017. Now is the time to make your marketing strategy mobile centric. This will help improve your click through rates abundantly using a responsive template.

In addition to phones, use of smart watches and tablets are also on the rise. These devices should also be included in your email marketing strategy. They may require a different approach from mobile phones, but they have in common the on-the-go strategy that is common in this mobile era.

Integrating More Customer Journey Data

The customer journey has become the focal point of all marketing strategies. The customer journey is the different points in the sales process each customer is in at any given time. Paying attention to where each customer is in the journey can help you better understand how to optimize all other parts of your sales strategy to make your efforts more successful. It will help you determine what content you want to send across different platforms at different points in their customer journey that will better the chances of getting a sale. You can send them the exact piece of information at just the perfect time in order to reach your goal.

Marketing Behavior

Like most businesses that utilize email marketing, you may be using a mailing strategy that sends all of your messages at a certain point of the day. This email blast strategy has worked well in the past, but marketers have discovered that a more targeted approach is much more successful. For instance, if you know you have customers who are online early in the morning, you can make sure that segment of your customer base receives your message at their peak times to increase the likelihood they will be clicked on. The same can be said for those who are on late at night. By targeting your customers based on their behavior, you can get them back to your site and using your product or service.

It is time to get more specific, more detailed, and to gather more data than ever before. Adding this information to your database and implementing it into your email marketing strategy is an ideal way to better target your audience and grow your business.