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5 Steps to Revive Your Social Media Strategy

By December 21, 2018April 23rd, 2019
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Want to reach more customers? Dust off your social media strategy and expand your reach. It’s never too late to resurrect your social media strategy, no matter how ineffective it’s been in the past.

Whether you’ve stopped posting entirely, or just aren’t seeing engagement from your hard work, it’s time to give your social strategy a facelift.

Why? Because social media affects every facet of your business, from customer service to brand perception. Social media affects the bottom line whether you can measure it or not.

Bring your social strategy back from the dead to see a better return on your investment.

  • 1. Plan campaigns carefully
    • So many social campaigns fail because they aren’t a real campaign in the first place. Businesses fail to create goals and a strategy before they post. The result is minimal engagement and wasted effort.
    • Get your social media off life support with careful planning.
    • Start with a campaign goal. Use the SMART goal-setting system to create goals that are measurable and specific. Create a schedule to review your goals monthly, quarterly, and annually.
    • Remember to determine your posting frequency and content strategy. Outline your branding voice, core tenets, image rules and links to stay on target with your goals.
  • 2. New account, new look
    • Nothing says, “We’re here!” like a freshly updated social profile. Revive your profiles’ images, bios and language.
    • Create new profile photos, header images, and company descriptions. This makes your return to social loud and clear to your audience.
  • 3. Get social
    • Social media doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It’s designed for you to engage with other people. Keep your social strategy active by starting conversations.
    • Reply to tweets from your followers, news outlets, and industry influencers. Comment and share content from your followers. These seem like simple ideas, but they’re the key to seeing more engagement.
    • If your followers aren’t responding to your content, try to make your social posts more valuable. Host contests, create a custom hashtag and share user-generated content. Celebrate your customers and they’ll engage in no time.
  • 4. Choose platforms wisely
    • The average internet user has almost eight different social media accounts. But you don’t need that many!
    • It isn’t sustainable to maintain ten social platforms at once. It’s best to go narrow and deep with your social platforms. This gives you more time to focus on engaging with your audience on
    • the platforms that matter.
    • To choose your social platform, conduct audience research. Determine where your ideal customers spend their time online.
    • Create two or three social accounts that help you connect with your audience where they are. Remember, only create a social account based on where your audience is, not where you think you should be.
  • 5. Monitor and measure
    • You can’t repeat success if you don’t measure. Use smart social media measurement tools to see how your posts perform. Google Analytics can also give insights on how traffic flows to your website from social media.
    • Most social platforms include tracking options. Be sure to use them. Social data will help you craft content that best appeals to your audience.

The Bottom Line

Engage with your audience like never before. Brush up on your social media savvy and build a loyal base of engaged customers. Have fun with it and be social for happier customers and an improved bottom line.